Pham Van Duc

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Vietnamese Fine Art painter and Lacquer ware artist Pham Van Duc has been studying and working in the field of fine art for over a decade. He holds a BA in Fine Art from the Fine Art University of Ho Chi Minh city. Pham Van Duc has exhibited extensively Including an exhibition in the Fine Art Museum of Ho Chi Minh City in 2010. In 2012 and 2013 Duc held exhibitions in Dublin and in London. His works have sold internationally. Duc worked as a full time lecturer of Fine Art at the Architectural University of Ho Chi Minh until he moved to Ireland in 2010. Pham Van Duc currently resides in Ireland where he is a full time painter

Solo Exhibitions

‘Jump’                              Himiko Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam                              2

‘Night and Day’                  The Fine Art Museum of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam            2010

‘First Impressions’               The Back Loft’ Dublin, Ireland                                              2012

‘Insight Out’                        The Gallery at the Back, London, UK                                    2012

'Introspection Matthew 7:3'       Loft In Space Gallery, London, UK                                2013

'Introspection Matthew 7:3'        Dlight Studios, Dublin, Ireland                                     2013


Joint Exhibitions


‘Emerging Artists’ Exhibition, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam                                                      2005

‘Religion and Culture’ Exhibition, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam                                         2007

‘100 Jumps’ Photo Exhibition, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam                                              2008

‘Celebrating 95 years of The Fine Art University of Ho Chi Minh’, Vietnam                   2009

‘Lady Windermere’ Pop Up Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland                                                    2012

Picturing the Soul’ Showcase, Dublin, Ireland                                                  2012

‘Anti Racism Network’ Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland                                                             2011




Fine Art Lecturer – Architecture University of Ho Chi Minh (Fine Art Dpt.)  2006 -2010

Teaching Life Drawing, Anatomy, Still Life, Landscape, Design, History and Theory

Fine Art Lecturer – Art and Culture College of Ho Chi Minh City      (Part time) 2006-2008

Teaching Painting and Life Drawing

Lecturer - Hong Bang University (Fashion Department) (part time)  2008

Teaching aesthetic principles in Fashion Design

Teacher of Art – The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (part time) 2001 - 2009

Teaching Art to Children from disadvantaged back grounds and organising overseas exhibitions of the children’s works




-Co organiser of Children’s Exhibitions for The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation in -     Dublin, London and Ho Chi Minh City

-Co creator of The Owl Interior Fine Art Paintings commercial art project for home and -businesses

-One of the organisers of The Anti Racism Network Exhibition in The Back Loft, Dublin in 2011

-IELTS English Level 6.5 - 2010

-Translator of Articles on Fine Art for the Art Magazine of the Fine Art University of Ho Chi Minh City

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